31 January 2011

Sehwag's 'lie' about Shoaib Akhtar exposed

Sledging in cricket has been a long time thing. This has been done to as to intimidate the opposition and put the batsman or bowler under pressure making mistake. In a recent TV program on Star Plus at Sahara Indian Sports Awards 4th Dec 2010, Sehwag was boasting himself with Shahrukh Khan and Sunil Gavaskar on stage about a  test match with Pakistan, where Sehwag was a part of sledging with the Rawalpindi Express Shoaib Akhar.

He told that he was batting near 200 and Shoaib Akhtar was fed up seeing him as quoted "Thak chuka tha Mujhay dekh dekh kar " (He was fed of me looking at me on and on again). So he changed ends to around the wicket and started putting bouncers on Sehwag, after each delivery Akhtar kept on tauting him to hook him " Hook mar kay dekha" ( Show me if you can hook ) constantly for one over.

After realising that he wont stop saying that so he reffering to Sachin Tendulkar , who was at the non-striker's end said to Akhtar  " Woh tera baap khara hay non-striker end pay , ussko bol wo mar kay dikhaye gaa"(Your father is at the non striker's end, ask him to play the shot). 
After one over Shoaib Akhtar put up a bouncer on him (Tendulkar) who put up a six on his bowling. As a reaction Sehwag said " Beta beta hota hay , baap baap hota hay " (Son is son , and father is a father) . 
Hence in all this epsiode in front a huge audience he boasted with no hesitation, not knowing that he was saying this biggest lie of this life.

Here is stat from "ESPN Cricinfo" , the most reliable cricket encyclopedia, shows that during Sachin Tendulkar's career , there was been none of the Test match with Pakistan where he ever has hit a six . 

If even he was trying to mention the one dayers, in none of the match Sehwag was near 200 i.e individual score. His highest score till date is 146, so cannot be true about that either. 
Hence Sehwag's lie about Shoaib Akhtar has been exposed, so he must put a mask of shame on him, rather  then putting hoax and false statements in front of the audience.

See in the 6's coulmn , no six has ever been registered by Tendulkar

If you people doubt that this stat has been photo shopped or tampered with the link to stat is given as under

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Djokovic wins Australian Open 2011

Djokovic savoring his victory
Novak Djokovic was the star on a prized Sunday as he beat Andy Murray in straight sets to claim his second Grand Slam and Australian Open title.On a perfect day for tennis at the Melbourne Park there was nothing to stop the Serbian to let go an awesome day out of his hands. Novak Djokovic gave his old friend a sympathetic hug and a few consoling words, then got on with the real celebrations.

He for Andy Murray in consolation said:

"I understand how he feels; it's his third [grand slam] final and he didn't get the title, so it's a tough one," the world No3 said. "But I really have big respect for him and his game because I think he has everything it takes to become a grand slam champion. I'm sure that very soon he will be."

Taking his victory becoming into motivation for  future , he added:

"Certainly this will give me a lot of motivation for the continuation of the season, because to win a Grand Slam at the start of the season is the best start you can ask for," he said. "It means a world to me. I'm still 23. I still have a lot of time to go."

The Serbian had a totally one sided affair with the British as he went on to beat pretty convincingly 6-4,6-2,6-3, leaving nothing for Murray to make his point in front of a totally pumped up Djokovic. Andy Murray through out the match could not lift up his game, never been upto his fiery level, hence letting Djokovic taking full advantage of it , at went on being the happiest man at the Centre Court i.e Rod Laver Arena on Sunday. This went on to shatter Murray's hope of being the first British after Fred Perry to hold a Grand Slam title.

Djokovic and Murray's final went on to plunder the heavy weights of tennis Nadal and Federer to let go their sucesss to new levels. Nadal was denied his Calendar Year Grand Slam or most popularly known to would have been a "Rafa Slam" who was beaten by this country men David Ferrer in the quarter finals, and the defending champion at the Australian open Federer was let go in the semis in a perfect display by the ultimately crowned champion Novak Djokovic.

With the Grand Slam win , now Djokovic will be just at striking distance from being at number 2 to replace Federer from his spot. But for now on, on his arrival at Belgrade would be complete celebration as he had on his victory in 2008 at Melbourne.

                              Trophy Ceremony Presentation- Australian Open 2011

Picture Gallery for the Australian Open final

30 January 2011

Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray Live Match Streaming - Australian Open Final 2011 Live Streaming

Following are few links from where you can see the live match streaming for the final between Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray of Australian Open 2011 .

This match is going to be absolutely a thriller as World No 3 and World No 5 will take on each to take a shot at the Championship Trophy.

29 January 2011

Kim Clijsters defeats Na Li to win first Australian Open title

Kim Clijsters has defeated the  Chinese Na Li at the Melbourne Park to win her first Australian Open title. This overall makes her fourth Grand Slam title. Clijsters denied Na Li to become the first Asian women to clinch the grand slam title, and she did so on her way to a 3-6, 6-3,6-3 victory.

Clijsters started off with a stern test , as she went down 3-6 in the first set , as Na Li was hitting pretty hard all around the court, stretching the Belgian to her limits. But later on Clijsters found her touch and , and turned things around for her self and Na Li was unable to let her shots land in the right areas. Clijsters remained firm, totally motivated and kept on running hard, and hit strong as well, which ultimately saw her home and lifting the trophy at the Melbourne Park for the first time.
 Kim Clijsters with the Daphne Akhurst Trophy 

Clijsters at the end of the game, thanked the audience for the support and morale boosting  , said:

“You guys have been amazing, and when things weren’t going so good you were always supportive of me, and I really, really appreciate it,” said the Belgian winner.

Kim Clijsters also applauded the Chinese Na Li who in her favour said :

"Li Na was definitely a very tough competitor. She really brought it to me at the start of the rallies. I was on the back foot and leaning back - I don't like that.
"The first set, I thought 'Wow! This is going to fast for me!' It was tough. I felt in the second set she was getting a bit nervous. I was just happy I was able to pull it off in the end."
With new ranking to be coming next week, Kim Clijsters will jump to the second spot.

28 January 2011

Murray defeats Ferrer to clash with Djokovic for Australian Open final

British World No. 5 Andy Murray has defeated the Spanish World No. 7 David Ferrer  in a semi-final match to advance to the Australian Open final to be held on Sunday.

In an intensely fought four sets Murray prevailed (4-6, 7-6(2), 6-1, 7-6(2)) to defeat the the Spanish to set up a clash with Novak Djokovic for the Australian Open Championship match. Last year Murray was the runner-up here at Melbourne, as Federer went on to win the championship. Federer lost to Djokovic in the semis in straight sets.

By this Andy Murray will be bidding to become the first British player in 75 years to win a Grand Slam. The last British to win the Grand slam was Fred Perry who won the Australian Open in 1934. Andy Murray by now is the only British player in the Open Era to reach three major finals, and would desperately challenge the Serbian , to hold the honour once again.

Historic 40-men Royal Rumble Match 2011

On January 30th in Boston, for the first time ever, 40 wrestlers will meet in the squared circle for the biggest Royal Rumble Match in history. The winner of the 24th Royal Rumble will have the opportunity to compete in a World Championship main event at Wrestle Mania XXVII. Here is the list of some wrestlers participating in the match.

Alberto Del Rio

Rumble experience: None
Brand: Smackdown

Cody Rhodes

Rumble experience: 2008, 2009, 2010
Brand: Smackdown


Rumble experience: None
Brand: Raw

Rey Mysterio

Rumble experience: 2003, 2005, 2006 (winner), 2009
Brand: Smackdown

John Cena

Rumble experience: 2003, 2004, 2005, 2008 (winner), 2010
Brand: Raw

CM Punk

Rumble experience: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
Brand: Raw

David Otunga

Rumble experience: None
Brand: Raw

Husky Harris

Rumble experience: None
Brand: Raw

Michael McGillicutty

Rumble experience: None
Brand: Raw

King Sheamus

Rumble experience: None
Brand: Raw

Daniel Bryan

Rumble experience: None
Brand: Raw

John Morrison

Rumble experience: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
Brand: Raw

Ted DiBiase

Rumble experience: 2009, 2010
Brand: Raw

Mark Henry

Rumble experience: 1998, 1999, 2004, 2008, 2009, 2010
Brand: Raw

Darren Young

Rumble experience: None
Brand: Raw

David Hart Smith

Rumble experience: None
Brand: Raw


Rumble experience: None
Brand: Raw

William Regal

Rumble experience: 2001, 2009
Brand: Raw

Yoshi Tatsu
Rumble experience: 2010
Brand: Raw

Zack Ryder
Rumble experience: 2010
Brand: Raw

Ezekiel Jackson

Rumble experience: None
Brand: Smackdown

Heath Slater

Rumble experience: None
Brand: Smackdown

Justin Gabriel

Rumble experience: None
Brand: Smackdown

Wade Barrett

Rumble experience: None
Brand: Smackdown

Mason Ryan

Rumble experience: None
Brand: Raw

Jack Swagger

Rumble experience: 2010
Brand: Smackdown

Drew McIntyre

Rumble experience: 2010
Brand: Smackdown

Tyson Kidd

Rumble experience: None
Brand: Raw

The remaining participants will be included as a surprise element during match. Lets see who will defeat all the elite 39 wrestlers....
The above list does not include the entry order for the Royal Rumble match.

Djokovic beats Federer to get his second Australian open final berth

Novak Djokovic celebrating his win

The World No. 3 Serbian Novak Djokovic defeated the defending champion  World No.2 Roger Federer in a semi final of Australian Open at Melbourne, to claim his second Australian Open Final. Djokovic was a total master-class as he beat the Swiss maestro in straight sets (7-6(3), 7-5, 6-4) for the second time. Last time in 2008 he came out to be the victor, making  up his first grand slam victory.

This also makes his second victory over Federer in two consecutive Grand Slam finals last being at the U.S Open last year , where he had saved two match points to deny Federer his final berth. Ultimately, Djokovic was beaten by Rafeal Nadal in the finals and allowed Rafa to clinch his career Grand Slam. With the defeats of Nadal and Federer , it would be the first Grand Slam final after  the 2008 Australian Open where this years final qualifier Djokovic was the part of it. 

Now Novak Djokovic will be facing either British Andy Murray or the Spanish David Ferrer as a result of the match to be held on Friday. It might also be established that, the over-hyped Rafa-Federer final also got beaten by the dust. Till the time the final is to be made he will have sufficient rest, before going into the ultimate clash.

World's Best Female Swimmers 2001-10

Women have been going abreast with men in all types of sports,leaving none behind and turned to be amazing and competitive basketball players, tennis players, swimmers, and others. Here we will be telling you about the best female swimmers of the World for the period between 2001-2010 and showed their dominance.

Inge de Bruijn, Netherlands

Inge de Bruijn is a Dutch former swimmer, and a four-time Olympic champion and world record holder. She was born on 24 August, 1973 in Barendrecht, South Holland.

Natalie Coughlin, United States

Natalie Anne Coughlin is an American swimmer known for winning 11 Olympic medals. She was born on August 23, 1982 in Vallejo, California.

Hannah Stockbauer, Germany

Hannah Stockbauer is a German female athlete. She is active in swimming, and a five time world champion. She was born on 7 January, 1982 in Nuremberg, Bayern.

Yana Klochkova, Ukraine

Yana Oleksandrivna Klochkova, born on 7 August, 1982 in Simferopol is a Ukrainian swimmer, who has won five Olympic medals in her career, with four of them being gold.

Leisel Jones, Australia

Leisel Marie Jones OAM, born on 30 August 1985 in Katherine, Northern Territory, Australia is an Australian Olympic gold medalist swimmer.

Laure Manaudou, France

Laure Manaudou, born on 9 October, 1986 in Villeurbanne, Rhône was a French Olympic, world and European champion swimmer. She is the daughter of a French father and a Dutch mother.

Stephanie Rice, Australia

Stephanie Louise Rice OAM, born on 17 June, 1988 in Brisbane, Queensland is an Austalian swimmer. She currently holds the world record in the 400m women's individual medley, and won three gold medals at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.

Federica Pellegrini, Italy

Federica Pellegrini, born on 5 August, 1988 is an Italian swimmer. A native of Mirano, in the province of Venice, she is currently the women's 200m freestyle (long course and short course) and 400 m (long course) freestyle world record holder. Pellegrini is the first female Olympic champion in the history of Italian swimming. She is also the only Italian swimmer to have set world records in more than one event.

Rebecca Soni, United States

Rebecca Soni is an American breaststroke swimmer and three-time (one gold, two silver) Olympic medalist. She currently holds the world record in the 100 and 200m breaststroke (short course) and is a former world-record holder in the 100 and 200 m breaststroke (long course). Soni was born on March 18 in Freehold Borough, New Jersey in 1987.

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