28 December 2010

Arsenal V Chelsea - Arsenal guns Chelsea down with a triple blow

What could you say much when your opponent does not let you loosen up. Such was the day today , where Arsenal made Chelsea look like stack of heap. Arsenal, who recently had not have a pretty decent outing with the table topper Manchester United, made total redemption Monday night , where Arsenal uprooting Chelsea 3-1 .

Chelsea  who usually had been very potent against Arsenal espacially  with Didier Drogba , who had a pretty decent record against Arsenal, was not at all potent with his play. The main theme set of the game was established with in the space of ten minutes starting from the 44th, when Arsenal were on song with Alex Song opening the account for Arsenal, later in the start of second half Fabregas , and Theo Walcott made their statement pretty clear which ultimately streched their lead to 3-0. There was some glimmer of hope few minutes after Walcott's goall, Brainislav Inanovic scored with a header, but it could not help Chelsea fire back. With 53rd minute the fate of Chelsea had been sealed. The only question coming again and again had been that why Chelsea had been such a failure?. The answer here would be there was an utmost self belief and assertiveness flowing into Gunner's blood on this Monday night, which overwhelmed the anaemic Blues. 

Wenger kept the same 4-2-3-1 make up in the ground as of before, but made some changes bringing in Djourou in the centre half, keeping Walcott on the right, and Persie being the centre forward in place of Chamakh.

Chelsea also were trying to  their mark, as they kept on making counter-attacks coming along. Drogba had his chance in the 14th when he made his shot just a fraction wide and made a bad miss. They kept on making few tweaks into their make up with Cech and Terry making some long passes for their ace Drogba and Malouda, but they never looked to be in the knick. 
It was a total team work in the Gunners camp with led them out as a complete team, with Nasri, Fabregas, Song, Walcott, and Wilshere totally dominated the play. Arsenal had a total of 55% possession throughout,making lesser room for Chelsea to fit in.

So in short it would be a party night for Arsene Wenger and the crew, celebrating their must win game, to threaten United in the trophy race.


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