05 December 2010

Bryant heads top 50 NBA players

Kobe Bryant ,LA Lakers guard was been names as the best player of NBA, ahead of LeBron James, in an annual survey of current and former player,coaches, general managers and broadcast. This survey was done by 'Sporting News'.
Sporting news had made up a panel of 76 NBA players including Elgin Baylor, Bob Cousy, Mike D’Antoni, Mike Fratello, and were asked to make a list of top 50 players in the league. Bryant got 49 first placed votes placing him first whereas James recieved only 22 of them, and Magic centre Dwight Howard managed to get only one.
Both Bryant and James had their teamates joining along the in the top10, with Dwyane Wade of Heat at No. 3 , while Pau Gasol occupying No. 10 Spot. It is held in view by most league observers that Bryant and James should be holding top two spots of any of NBA's best list.
But what makes Bryant at the top and not James,according to Lakers coach Phil Jackon:
“One of the things that Kobe has always had is the ability to trust his shot, and LeBron, at some points, hasn’t always done that. That makes him more of a driver at times, which at the end of the game can be very difficult. Kobe has been very good at the end of games. ... Kobe rises to big games. His performance always seems to accelerate during the playoffs.”

Ron Artest, Lakers forward views Bryant as: “This game is about team, rather than about individuals. When it comes to Kobe, he has a lot of heart and a lot of game-winners. He loves the moment and is really just a great all-around player. I am glad he is on our team.”

Tim Grover, Bryant’s trainer tells : “Kobe is as hard of a worker as I have worked with. He has always taken great care of his body, but he is never satisfied. He is always looking for ways to get an edge, and that shows up in the playoffs. He has had a lot of wear and tear. For him, the idea was to make the first game of the playoffs feel like Game 1 and not Game 83.”

Rick Barry, Hall of Famer: “It’s all about winning in professional sports, and no one in the game has done that the way Kobe has. I don’t doubt for a second that winning is the most important thing to LeBron, and that’s why he went to Miami even though he will have to sacrifice individually. But he is still trying to figure it out. Kobe has already been there -- and he has a great supporting cast, too. But he is also just not going to let them lose if he can help it.”

Western Conference scout: “Every year, we look for ways that he has lost a step and you look for ways that younger guys like LeBron or Kevin Durant have caught up to him -- and maybe in the middle of January, you can find some of those. But Kobe is always going to make a smart play, he is always going to find a way to get a good shot, no matter what stage of the game or how deep in the playoffs, and I don’t think the younger guys in the league are there yet.”

So Bryant will continue to rule to basketball arena if he keeps his mind ,heart , and , thinking working in a positive professional manner.


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