18 December 2010

MANU & Chelsea- A preview for Sunday's Clash

The Stamford Bridge shall be a severe tests between the two old rivals. This on Sunday shall be nothing less short of a action packed thriller bringing Ferguson and Ancelotti teams face to face.
 In a comparison between the two, Blue's record has been pretty favourable if in comparison with the Red's. Chelsea have now won 50 points in the Premier League against Manchester United, more than any other side They also somehow have been able to have a pretty good home record against them, in a recent nine games, they have won five and drawn four. These statistics include eight Premier League and one Carling Cup match. Since United last won at Stamford Bridge, in April 2002, they have failed to score in six of their subsequent nine visits.The Blues have only failed to score in one of their last 29 Premier League games at Stamford Bridge. Chelsea have the best home defence in the Premier League conceding just four goals, but those all came in their last two games at Stamford Bridge. But the thing to be kept in mind is Chelsea have already dropped five points at home in the Premier League this season; as many as in the whole of last season.

Manchester United before the arrival of the Russian giant Abranovich , has had a pretty decent record at Stamford Bridge with out of 11 matches they won four ,lost two, and five draws.After that they have not been able to secure a single win, and scored only two goals in the seven meeting held in London.Since United last won at Stamford Bridge, in April 2002, they have failed to score in six of their subsequent nine visits.As for now United are unbeaten in their last 12 Premier League away games, but have drawn six of the last seven,also they have not lost away since February.
Now one of the very amazing statistics to be shared. The role of referees taking place between their clashes. There has been an average of seven cards shown in the last four Premier League games between Man Utd and Chelsea at Stamford Bridge with a low of six (2009-10) and a high of eight (2008-09).
So let us see and you all be the judge on Sunday, who is defied and who takes all the glory.


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