23 December 2010

Ronaldo and Benzema hatricks star Real Madrid victory

Hatricks by Christiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema were the star attraction in the match between Real Madrid and Levante, where Real Madrid pulverized Levante by a 8-0 victory. By this Real Madrid secured an easy win in the first leg in the Copa del Rey.The others to score goals were Oezil and substitute Pedro Leon ,which allowed Real Madrid to secure a Christmas special blast at Bernabeu.

Mourinho was able to find a perfect eleven, with star Ronaldo who initally was doubtful. Along him it was Benzema who had put up a stunner of performance with his amazing first half performance.He initially missed Ronaldo's flick , but he made his scoring account open at the sixth minute.The Frenchman was able to guide a slackish Torres' pass, and made room through Robuste and whipped through Gustavo Munna.In the tenth minute Benzema provided Ronaldo with an angled pass, and was able slide ball to Oezil who successfully turned the opportunity into goal making lead to 2-0.

Real Madrid kept their attacking ways and Benzema again made up an easy third goal taking full leverage of defensive mistake. Cerra failed to tackle di Maria pass , and Benzema did not make mistake at all. Fourth goal came from Christiano Ronaldo  just before half time were Ballestro failed Marcello's passed through ball, and Ronaldo had to do was post the ball into the goal post.

At 69th minute Benzema's hatrick was not far when another scrumptous flick from Di Maria, on recieving all he had to do was to provide a little touch to provide Madrid with 5-0 lead.In the 72nd minute Di Maria was again into action when he rolled on the ball to Ronaldo in attempt to make his second goal . Soon after two minutes Ronaldo was able to achieve hatrick along with Benzema, despite Munna's desperate dive-failed.Soon after that Pedro Leon the substitute complete the eighth goal completing total clean up over Levante with 8-0.
 Both sides will meet again on 4th January next year.


TeRRa_X said...

Of course with Gothenburgs history, everything is mutch easier. Hala Madrid


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