04 December 2010

Russia, Qatar conquers the battle of football supremacy

The news coming around with much anticipation was the FIFA World Cup 2018, 2022 host bidding. Without any doubt this event is the biggest in the world , attracting billions of viewership.
There were many heavyweights who had bid for this event, and to get the honour. Unfortunately, we had to witness some biggest upsets. For 2018 World Cup there were of star studded countries who were in race including Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Russia , and the most eagerly awaiting to be host United Kingdom. With to a total surprise Russia got the winning deal at the end, whereas UK was stunned who were having a strong lobyying to be in this race.
Next the nomination of Qatar came to a lot of surpise to many people. No one would have even thought it be making to such prestigious hosting of a such a supreme sport's World Cup. In their pool they out beat contenders South Korea, Japan, US, and Australia. So by this they shall be hosting this mega event for the first time.Followed to such a jubilant news the people did not remain hesitant in expressing their felicity and come to streets celebrating in every possible way, where as people from Kansas city had a different story to tell.Qatar though are a football loving nation but still they have not been able to be in substantive ranking , a meagre 113 position in the FIFA rankings. To also much of surprise they have never been able to even qualify for any of the World Cups.So this makes a perfect platform for the Qatar team to prepare themselves better since they will be the hosts in the 2012 Bravo Russia , and Qatar once again.



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