13 January 2011

LA Lakers outclass Cleveland Cavaliers beating by 112-57

In a match between LA Lakers and Clevaland Cavaliers, Cavaliers were totally outdone by Lakers by 112-57. The victory of LA Lakers was the third largest margin of victory for them since they had moved to Los Angeles, the other biggest coming in 1962, and 1966. Defending NBA champion  LA Lakers,  led the league’s worst team by 32 points at halftime on the row to win the fifth match on the trot.
With such an embarrasing loss , also ended up the Cavaliers with 11th straight loss. Amongst the top scorers for LA Lakers as listed as under:

Ron Artest, Andrew Bynum                              -  15 points
Pau Gasol                                                             -  13 points (14 rebounds)
Kobe Bryant, Lamar Odom, Shannon Brown - 13 points

Since LeBron James departure, the Cavaliers have gone through some terrible times losing ten games straight away. Also Cavaliers were without starting center Anderson Varejo( right ankle injury). Cavs were also missing Joey Graham  (right quad strain),Daniel Gibson (left ankle sprain),Leon Powe (right torn meniscus) and Anthony Parker (lower back strain).

“You don’t ever imagine something like that,” Kobe Bryant said. “You just go out there and do your job and we did it for 48 minutes.”

“I thought that was embarrassing,” said Cavs coach Byron Scott. “I told them at halftime, `You look scared. You look flat-out scared. You’re playing against the world champions, and instead of just competing and playing hard, you look scared. You look scared to death.’ That was my take on it, as simple as that.”


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