09 January 2011

Manchester United V Liverpool- Giggs lone goal sails United to fourth round

                                                        Manchester United 1- 0 Liverpool
                                                            Giggs 3' (pen)

Sunday's spotlight match between Manchester United and Liverpool was sparked by Ryan Giggs who turned the game on in the third minute of the game. This lone goal coming in form of penalty was enough to secure United fourth round berth in the FA Cup.This also turned the all emotional return  of Dalgish since 1991 as Liverpool manager into a disaster who just a day before had taken over Roy Hodgson with Liverpool eliminated from the FA Cup.

The game only prematurely into just 30 seconds into play, put the spotlights on when Daniel Agger fouled Berbatov in the box, hence earning penalty kick for the Red Devils. Though the television replays also looked inconclusive but Howard awarded United with the penalty kick. Ryan Giggs, did not make any sort of mistake in taking the golden opportunity and turning it into a diamond for United.Reina with valiant dive on his right could not save Liverpool from United taking the lead. Liverpool on the other hand tried their level best to make a comeback into the game, with Lucas and Raul building up the pressure but Ferdinand did all he could to clear of the edges of six yard box. But their hopes were shattered when Gerrard was booked with a 'RED' just before half time. Now Gerrard will be barred from playing next three matches.

With Liverpool down to 10 , tried whatever they could under the circumstances, had some close chances but United were always a step ahead of them. Reina was pretty active today , as he made plenty of saves for the visiting team. With Daligish team eliminated, the only chance running they hold is the Europa League, with his presence it is hoped Liverpool stand a better chance.


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