09 September 2011

F1 Warriors will REV it at Autodromo di Monza

Autodromo di Monza, Italy is one of the oldest and most resonant tracks of all time when it comes to pushing an F1 car at exhillarating speeds.Most of the top notch F1 drivers will try to hit an average speed of upto 300+ km/h, even full throttle which is completely dependant on pure horse power,less down force and high adrenaline.As a result it becomes an enormous challenge for race car drivers to be spontaneous when it comes to braking,and breaking really hard.The red liners on the track map are the critical points for braking where perfect coordination between aerodynamics and brake ventilations are required if the cars failed to do so a lot of crashes will be observed at the beginning of the race or they can easily go off track if the drivers loose focus .Thus it wont be uncommon to see F1 race drivers tumbling over the race track if even a slight piece of error comes in the way.

Circuit Length: 5.79 km
Number of Laps: 53

Race Distance: 306.7 km

Lap Records: 1.21.046-R Barrichello (2004)

1.21.082-Michael Schumacher (2003)

Practice Session starts from Friday 09 September 2011 at 10.00,Qualifying will begin on Saturday at 14.00 and finally Race day will be observed on Sunday at 14.00 which is a must see for all the speed thrilling,g-force fans of Formula1.

Top 5 Driver Standings so far are as follows:

Sebastian Vettel- 259

Mark Webber- 167

Fernando Alonso- 157

Jenson button- 149

Lewis Hamilton-146

Keeping in mind the fact that Monza circuit, Italy is a home circuit for Ferrari, there is no doubt that we will see Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa in loads of action from the start of the grid till the chequered flag.Plus a lot of Italian Ferrari fans will be seen keeping their fingers crossed so that both Fernando and Massa reach to the pinnacle of victory.

Fellipe Massa third last year at Monza says his fans will observe a lot of over taking because of the high speed nature of the track,they have an optimum performance car at the moment and have shifted to a low down-force setup which is unique to a track like Monza, plus their primary strategy is to take on their challengers in tight corners and bends rather than a straight line which will certainly help increase their lap times.
Main contenders such as Red Bull Racing, Scuderia Ferrari, and McLaren are without a shadow of a doubt will give a really tough time to Ferrari.Team Mercedes however known for its high acceleration will be really fast in a straight line.
Jenson Button of McLaren came second last year at Monza says that last year he went for high performance grip tyres which made his car quite agile in the corners but he couldn`t overtake that much.This time however he`s going for the DRS setup which is going to be a pretty major weapon and my fans will see some spectacular moves.

Weather and Colours: According to the BBC World forcast,showers of rainfall might be observed on the Qualifying day i.e Saturday which may lead to un predictable lap times and accidents if team engineers fail to configure their cars accordingly.Other than that a few clouds might be observed on the rest of the days with an average temperature of 25-27 degress.

Apart from race drivers all the audience will indeed be fascinated by the young beautiful Italian race grid models on the track either holding an umbrella or waving to the crowd which will indeed entertain the fans during the much awaited phases as the F1 cars line up on the grid according to their lap timings.


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