29 September 2011

Shahid Afridi slams America on Capital Talk

Former Pakistan Cricket Captain Shahid Afridi who recently joined MQM, was on talk show on GEO TV (Capital talk) where he was lambasting the affiliation with USA. 

He was of view that USA has abandoned Pakistan as always, after using them. Whenever USA has used someone as is ally, always showed their back to them in the mid way, and turned as their enemies He also said that Pakistan has lost so many lives in this 'War on Terror', despite all this has happened. He also suggested that Pakistan should act like a sovereign country, and stand one as Pakistani, rather than dividing into different ethnicities.  Mentioning Surat-e- Rehman from Quran that Pakistan has been blessed abundantly by Allah, and it should use its own resources rather than asking USA for aids.

Lastly he also mentioned on devising new strategy on supporting USA on war on terror as well up-to the level of separating from this war.

Visit the following link to see detailed interview:  Shahid Afridi Capital Talk Interview


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