01 December 2011

Sports People who died in November, 2011

Following is a list of notable deaths in November, 2011:

Eilaine Roth, 82,
 American baseball player

Nikolay Saksonov, 88,
Russian world champion weightlifter, Olympic silver medalist

Ilmar Kullam, 89,
Estonian Olympic silver medal-winning (1952) basketball player

Bob Forsch, 61,
American baseball player (St. Louis Cardinals), aneurysm. 

Matty Alou, 72,
Dominican Republic-born American baseball player (Pittsburgh Pirates, San Francisco 
Giants, St. Louis Cardinals), diabetes.

Tadeusz Walasek, 75,
Polish Olympic silver (1960) and bronze (1964) medal-winning boxer. 

Hannu Haapalainen, 60,
 Finnish ice hockey player.

Jim McNeill, 32,
 American freestyle motocross rider, crash during practice

Takanosato Toshihide, 59,
 Japanese sumo wrestler

Joe Frazier, 67,
 American boxer, World Heavyweight Champion

Ed Macauley, 83,
 American basketball player (St. Louis Hawks, Boston Celtics, Saint Louis Bombers)

Valentin Kozmich Ivanov, 76,
Russian football player and coach

Jimmy Adamson, 82,
British football player and coach

Wilbur South, 28,
American MMA fighter, suicide by gunshot

Benny McCoy, 96,
American baseball player (Detroit Tigers, Philadelphia Athletics).

Ézio Leal Moraes Filho, 45,
Brazilian football player

Roger Christian, 75,
American Olympic gold medal-winning (1960) ice hockey player

Bob Carney, 79,
American basketball player (Minneapolis Lakers)

Mary Ellen Cano, 32,
American MMA fighter, shot

Killer Karl Kox, 80,
American professional wrestler

Nick Strincevich, 96,
American baseball player (Pittsburgh Pirates, Boston Braves)

Charlie Lea, 54,
French-born American baseball player

Jim Sullivan, 43,
Canadian curler, world junior champion

Peter Roebuck, 55,
British-Australian cricketer and columnist, suicide by defenestration.

Solly Tyibilika, 32,
 South African rugby player, shot

Jamie Pierre, 38,
American professional skier, avalanche

Patrick Ford, 55,
Guyanan featherweight boxing champion, heart attack

Guido Falaschi, 22, 
Argentine racing driver, racing accident

Bobsam Elejiko, 30,
 Nigerian footballer, traumatic aortic rupture

Alf Fields, 92,
English footballer (Arsenal F.C.)

Ingrid Sandahl, 87,
Swedish Olympic gold medal-winning (1952) gymnast

Djamel Keddou, 59,
Algerian football player and manager

Jorgen Petersen, 67,
Danish handball player, brain tumour

Jones Mwewa, 38,
Zambian footballer

Walt Hazzard, 69,
American basketball player (Los Angeles Lakers, Atlanta Hawks)

Roy West, 70,
Australian football player, lung cancer

Bjarne Lingås, 78,
Norwegian boxer.

Sonny Dixon, 87,
American baseball player (Washington Senators, Philadelphia Athletics)

Basil D'Oliveira, 80,
South African-born English cricketer.

Garrett Uekman, 19,
American college football player (Arkansas Razorbacks), cardiomyopathy

Karl Aage Præst, 89,
Danish football player

 Lenny Lyles, 75,
American football player (Baltimore Colts)

Mario Martiradonna, 73,
Italian footballer

Hal Patterson, 79,
American player of Canadian football (Montreal Alouettes, Hamilton Tiger-Cats)

Jim Lewis, 84,
English footballer

Greg Halman, 24,
Dutch baseball player (Seattle Mariners), stabbed

Bison Smith, 38,
American professional wrestler, heart complications

Frank Pyke, 69,
Australian footballer, sports scientist, academic and sports administrator

Bud Lewis, 103,
American golfer, oldest living member of the Professional Golfers' Association of America, natural causes

Ray Flockton, 81,
Australian cricketer

Jim Rathmann, 83,
American racing driver, winner of the 1960 Indianapolis 500

Johnny Williams, 76,
English footballer

Dane Searls, 23,
Australian BMX rider, diving accident

Yukio Nishimoto, 91,
Japanese baseball player and manager, heart failure

Vasily Alekseyev, 69,
Russian Olympic gold-medal winning weightlifter (1972 and 1976), heart failure

Iván Menczel, 69,
Hungarian Olympic gold-medal winning (1968) footballer

Charles Balogou,
Togolese footballer, bus crash

Ed Harrington, 70,
American-born Canadian football player (Toronto Argonauts), cancer

Ron Lyle, 70,
American boxer, US Amateur Heavyweight Champion (1970), complications from stomach ailment

Gary Speed, 42,
Welsh football player and manager, suicide by hanging

April Phumo, 71,
South African football coach, cancer

Nolan Luhn, 90,
American football player

Aruwa Ameh, 20,
Nigerian footballer (Bayelsa United)

Chester McGlockton, 42,
American football player. (Oakland Raiders), apparent heart attack 


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