12 December 2011

Amir Khan vs Peterson rematch set on March 31st 2012

Brit/Pak boxer Amir Khan a.k.a King Khan will be set in ring with Peterson, the current IBF and WBF title holder on March 31st 2012 in a rematch.
Amir Khan lost to Peterson last weekend losing both his titles on a split decision by the judges. Amir Khan was of the view the referee(Cooper) was not being fair, ultimately deducting two points for pushing without warning. According to Khan he was ultimately playing with two people in the ring, Peterson and the referee. Amir Khan after the match readily demanded for the rematch.

The underdog for the match Peterson was happy to win the title and regarded his victory due to hard work.  Peterson willingly accepted the rematch challenge given by Khan.
"If it was left up to me, I'd fight him tomorrow," said Peterson
 "That's just me. Don't matter who I fight, I'm always ready."
Khan's Hall of Fame trainer, Freddie Roach, didn't hold back in his criticism of Cooper, who declined to talk after the fight.
"(Cooper) did a terrible job. A referee shouldn't decide fights," Roach said. "He's not a judge. He made himself a judge tonight. He missed a knockdown. The first knockdown (ruled a slip) was clearer than the second one. And then he took two points away for nothing and didn't give warnings. This is like amateur refereeing. A referee at this level of competition shouldn't make those mistakes. He decided the fight, not the judges. The referee took it out of the judges' hands."


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