11 December 2011

Barcelona vs Real Madrid 3-1 El Clasico Video Highlights

Welcome to  Barcelona vs Real Madrid 3-1 El Clasico Video Highlights

Saturday was supposed to be the day that Real Madrid head flipped El Clasico. Barcelona who playing away, and with Madrid's home town they were always at disadvantage. But they put up all together a different show today. Barcelona came onto win El Clasico encounter 3-1. 

Madrid started off pretty confident with a first minute goal by Benzema. After that Sanchez in 30th minute scored an equiliser, and after that the luck totally shifted from Madrid. In 53th minute Marcelo produced a shocker with an own goal gifting Barcelona 2-1 lead. Then lastly closing things up Fabregas posted a goal for a dominant lead of 3-1.

Following is the video highlights for the match


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